Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Thinking Aloud and Thinking Allowed

Sometimes thoughts just arrive. There is no way of predicting where or when or why. Sometimes they are provoked while meditating in the scriptures, sometimes by a news headline or sometimes in the midst of a meeting or a conversation. Was it Pooh Bear who said 'sometime I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits...'? I think for me the priority would need to be reversed...'sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just think...' Such 'thinking' while conscious of God's presence is what I usually mean by 'meditation'; not the mystical kind but just 'waiting before God' with the heart and mind not switched off but most definitely engaged.

Sometimes such thoughts are not worth 'a second thought' and sometimes they are. Sometimes I think 'I should share that with...' So from the little cottage industry that is my garden study there comes another 'blog'; this one to be given over to thoughts that have stirred me and which might stir others. Any thoughts which surface here will be open for discussion or, as I sometimes express it, 'destruction testing'. Such thinking is aloud and allowed. If you would like to hear such potential provocations or discuss them them why not sign up for this Biblebase Second Thoughts blog and come and discuss them at the New Covenant Discussion Forum or add a comment here?

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