Friday, 24 October 2008

Paul Washer's 10 Indictments

I am about half way through listening to the recent message of Paul Washer given at the Sermonindex Revival Conference in the USA. I have listened to 5 of the indictments and wanted to get draw your attention to this ministry. I know nothing about Paul Washer but I have disturbed my dog several times with loud "amens" on our morning walks!

If you are English in temperament don't be put off by the delivery. This is a man with a passion and a message that needs to be heard. His main thesis is that we ought not to be asking God for revival until we have done what He has already told us. That is a rather abrupt summary and he is not against praying for revival but his burden is that the 'church' and particularly evangelical preachers have been grossly unfaithful to the revelation of the scripture.

One thing that has really impressed me is his return to the theology of Penal Substitutionary Atonement. Finney is conspicuously absent from his quotations. So much that I have heard recently has come from the Finney position on Atonement that it is like a breath of fresh air to hear Penal Substitutionary Atonement preached with such conviction. You find that in indictment 3.

His 10 indictments are: (with timings - approximate)

1. a practical denial of the sufficiency of scripture (0:12:25)

2. an ignorance of God (0:19:10)

3. a failure to address man's malady (0:25:00)

4. an ignorance of the doctrine of regeneration (0:43:07)

5. an unbiblical gospel invitation (0:51:55)

6. ignorance regarding the nature of the church (1:07:07)

7. a lack of loving and compassionate church discipline (1:22:00)

8. a silence on separation (1:28:32)

9. psychology and sociology have replaced the scriptures with regard to the family (1:35:55)


You can download or listen to the message HERE

PS. I have listened to the whole message now. If you will excuse the manner of expressing this... you have to listen to this message.


Diesel said...

I've been listening to Paul for about 8 years now. His preaching really impacted me in college, and his popularity is growing. At first, I didn't like Paul because he preaches hard, but he preaches truth with passion because he loves God and because he sees that the church is blind to some of her unbiblical practices. I highly recommend listening to this lengthy sermon.

grutzmacherd said...

25 indictments against Paul Washer

1) willfully limiting the subjectmatter of Scripture
2) willfully presenting his own fabricated version of true christianity
3) willfully bringing himself under a cloak of godliness
4) willfully closing the book of Revelation and the Prophets
5) willfully painting the graves of the prophets for his own selfish ends
6) willfully presenting himself since 2002 with remarks that show Billy Graham
to be his brother, although Graham is high in the world and an archdeceiver
7) comparison with the whole of Scripture and the true old paths of the Reformation
show him to be a cloud without water
8) connection in the Netherlands to all false christianity has to offer, even with those
who publicly say calvinism is a complete error
9) presenting himself in 80.000 newspapers in the Netherlands smiling as though
the sins of the churches and the land are no problem to him
10) proclaiming a message of revival that has never come, thereby telling lies in Gods Name.
11) accepting in the core of his message two contradicting systems of doctrine
12) denying the witness of the Holy Spirit in the Reformation against THE antichrist in Rome
13) denying the blood of hunderthousands christian brothers and sisters against THE antichrist in Rome
14) going around the USA and the world to gain one proselyte that he makes a clone of himself
15) being silent about the developements in the outside world, only preaching for his own parish
16) laying burdens on small people, while leaving big names in bibleschools, synods, and gospelmusic untouched and unmentioned
17) connecting himself to Kirk Cameron, known throughout the world for the message of a future antichrist with Left Behind
18) himself not being able to go to Wallmart for fear of sinning, yet laying on big burdens on everyone else
19) printing his own material as though it is manna from heaven, yet is only copying a little text everyone knows with some questions
20) saying he serves the God of heaven, yet he himself is an idolater of the ring on his own finger,
saying in the 10 indictment message that it matters not if one gains the whole world, but looses his family !
21) his minister is Jeff Noblit who teaches a future antichrist, that gain is godliness, and remains in the SBC although a complete apostate body with a statue for Billy Graham
22) closing the Kingdom of God for the people by keeping silent about the true contents of the witness of the old paths
23) denying the true witness of the Waldenses, the reformers, the english puritans, the scottish covenanters
24) denying the true witness of Augustine against Pelagius, Luther against Rome, the Westminster and Dordt Synods
25) being a facilitator and manipulator replacing the true religion of the King Jesus Christ with a false one of the new world order

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all with His Truth, His Mercy, and His Reign in your hearts and lives, having the Word of God (KJV, Geneva) as your only rule of faith and standard, just as beloved brothers and sisters lived and witnessed to, like the Waldenses, the Hugenots, the Lollards, the reformers, the english puritans, the scottish covenanters, Spurgeon, and all those who professed, profess, and will profess the true religion in spirit and truth, in true uprightness and true love for the truth, hating hypocrisy and pride and flattery, having true humility, hating all false humility and false uprightness, hating all sin and loving all righteousness, whose praise is of God and NOT of men, teaching ALL that the Lord Jesus Christ has commanded ! Although on this side of heaven never without sin, infirmities, and weaknesses.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless His True Bride, and keep His Sheep from the false church that only has words, but in practice is more bad than the heathen ! It is a great honour to stand for this cause and being treated this way, forgiving all who treat me shamefully because of this protest !

Dennis Grutzmacher, Breda, The Netherlands

grutzmacherd said...

To be clear about my faith, here is my testimony:

I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for my sins and rose on the third day for my justification. I believe I am a sheep of Christ Who is my Shepherd, my Highpriest, my Prophet, my King, and my God. I believe that I am saved by God ALONE, by Grace ALONE, by Christ ALONE ! I believe that I am totally depraved, unconditionally elected, one of those for whom Christ died, His Grace in my life has proven irresistable, and by His Grace I believe as a feeble saint (although not without sin and daily infirmity) I will persevere until the end. I wish to worship God in Spirit and truth by singing psalms without musical instruments, I dont celebrate so called christian holidays as they are not found in Holy Scripture, and I believe the pope of Rome to be THE antichrist and man of sin predicted by Holy Scripture. I love and cherish the witness, preaching, lives, and even in many cases martyrdom (see the 6000 pages version of John Foxes book of martyrs) of the Waldenses, the Hugenots, the Lollards, the reformers, the english puritans, the scottish covenanters, and Spurgeon. I believe there is a true and a false church, whereby the false church for 1260 years treads down the true church (KJV Rev 11v1-2) which already has occured in the Dark Ages and the Reformation in the persecution and hatred of the papacy for the true Bride of Christ. Each day I start and end with searching Christ in the Scriptures, and on Sundays I sanctify Gods Holy Day by reading food for my soul by true teachers like the reformers, the english puritans, the scottish covenanters, and Spurgeon, as far as they spoke according to Scripture, and having christian fellowship. This is who I am by Gods Grace, and although I fail in many things this is the main focus of my life.

An application of this testimony of my faith in Christ are my 25 indictments against the PUBLIC Paul Washer (including a yearlong investigating his PUBLIC witness in the Netherlands and the USA), confirmed by a witness