Thursday, 4 April 2013

If He Who can, does not, then it is better so!

From time to time I read something and feel I want to post the whole thing so that others can share it. Most often this happens when I am reading something by G Campbell Morgan. Of all the commentators available to me this man's ministry has blessed and challenged me most consistently. I don't always agree with the line he takes, but then as I sometimes say "I don't agree with myself all the time." Margaret and I often read him together.

This morning we read from his commentary on Mark's Gospel. If you haven't already discovered Campbell Morgan take the time to read his commentary on the story of Jairus' daughter and the woman with the issue of blood. You can find a free version here. With amazing sensitivity he unpacks the thrilling story of Christ's dealings with the two women. G Campbell Morgan lost his only daughter at an early age and you will hear it in almost every line. This is no trite comment from an author's desk but something that scorched his own heart and which has passed through his own being.

He ends the exposition with these words…

Yes, but, you say, my child died, and I lost her! Yes, but, you say, I am not cured. I am still suffering! How shall I reply to that kind of statement? Reverently I say in answer; even though our children went, and He did not let us have them; even though we were not cured, and long, long suffering runs on, there is something to be sure of. Seeing that we have had that unveiling of Him; we know His heart and therefore are sure of His sympathy.

There is another thing to remember. Many children are raised up even yet. Do not put these stories back two millenniums. That one lassie that God took out of my home I did so want to keep; but she went. But I have other bairns in the home who have seemed to be as near the end as she. I asked for them, and they are with me yet. He still touches the little hands, and raises up the children. He still heals, and He has cured many a soul of bodily infirmity.

Therefore we know that those who are not raised up or cured, are still in His love. Therefore that which happens to them is best for them, and must be best for us. He did not let me have my lassie. He took her. Then that was best. I do not quite see how, for me, and yet I am sure it was so. If He Who can, does not, then it is better so!

This is the faith of those who glimpse the Throne.

If He Who can, does not, then it is better so!

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