Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Launch: The Better Covenant

Well, at last we are on the way. The Better Covenant is now available from Amazon and from the CreateSpace Story. Createspace is part of Amazon. Currently the paperback version is available HERE and the Kindle Version is available from HERE.

I feel passionately about the New Covenant. I believe its promise and fulfilment is the key to understanding the Scriptures and salvation history. Some in the past have said that there is no substantial difference between the Old Covenant and the New; I really don't understand how anyone could make this statement when the Scriptures themselves are so persistent is declaring the opposite.

Here is a simple test. If you were asked could you say what the basic elements of the Old Covenant were? When was it instituted? Who was its mediator? How was it maintained? What was its purpose? When did it end? I suspect that most of my readers would do pretty well in this test.

Here is a second test. What are the basic elements of the New Covenant? When was it instituted? Who is its mediator? What is its purpose? How are you doing so far? If you can answer the first test with more assurance than the second then The Better Covenant was written for you.

If you want a sample. Load the first 3 chapters of the Kindle version for free. You can get free Kindle software for your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android etc and you can test the water at no cost to yourself.*

If you do read it PLEASE add a review. Reviews are really helpful when folks are beginning to think about books.

Thank you too for all your prayer for this project.

This is from the Amazon Kindle entry of wikepedia.

* Kindle applications

Amazon released a "Kindle for PC" application in late 2009, available as a free download for Windows 7, Vista, and XP.[48] This application allows thousands of books to be read on a personal computer in color, with no Kindle unit required, as e-books can simply be purchased from Amazon's store.[49] Amazon later released a version for the Macintosh, in early 2010.[50] In June 2010, Amazon released a "Kindle for Android" version. With the Android application release, versions for the Apple iPhone, the iPad, Windows and Mac computers, and BlackBerry cellphones are also available.[51] In January 2011, Amazon released Kindle for Windows Phone 7.[52] In July 2011, Kindle for HP TouchPad (running under WebOS) was released in the US as beta.[53] At this writing (November 2011) Amazon has expressed no interest in releasing a similar application for Linux. In August 2011, Amazon released an HTML5 based webapp supporting Chrome and Safari Browser called Kindle Cloud Reader.[54]

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